RADILITE Co-axial cable / Dish wires

RADILITE is known for being one of the largest wire and cable manufacturers in India. In its range of flexible cables, CATV co-axial cables are a bit hit due to their extensive usage in cable TV and computer networking operations. Moreover, with the quality assurance of RADILITE, the CATV co-axial cables are utilized for both internal & external electrification in residential and industrial sectors. Check online for 90-m CATV co-axial cables by RADILITE!

Known for its high quality standard, RADILITE CATV co-axial cables are safe, reliable, fire retardant lead & halogen free and non-toxic. Since computer, TV and cable are the most basic requirements for any household, flexible cables - like CATV co-axial cables - make long-lasting solution for networking and getting high quality picture anytime. Made with best quality material, RADILITE CATV co-axial cables in 90-m length ensure distortion free video signals.


Sizes- RG-59, RG-6 & RG-11.

Type : Electrolytic grade solid annealed Cu. conductor, JF, Aluminium Foiled and Aluminium wire Braided.

Colours available: Black and White.

*Packing is available in 90 metres and 305 metres.

Cross – sectional view of RADILITE Co-axial cables/ Dish wires

Application :

Co-axial are mainly used as TV cables for Dish to Dish Antenna.