Electrical Wires And Cables Manufacturers

Ambica Cable is one of the top electrical wires and cables manufacturers. Backed with more than three decades of experience, we endeavor to serve customers the best quality of wires and cables at a reasonable price. Continuously upgrading technology and modernizing manufacturing units, we maintain the high standard of quality in producing cables and wires. Our cables can be used in both residential and commercial properties for different electrical purposes. Also, they can be customized to meet your specific requirements.

Types of Cables and Wires

As one of the popular Electrical Wires and Cables Manufacturers, we can make a wide collection of wires, such as:

● Multi-Strand Single Core House Wires

● Multicore Flexible Round Cables

● Submersible Pump Three Core Flat Cables

● Aluminium Twin Flat Cables

● Two Core Flat Flexible Wires

● Twisted Flexible Wires

● Single Core Aluminium Cables

● Co–Axial Cables / Dish Wire

● Camera Cable

Further, these electrical wires and cables are known for their malleability and elasticity. They can be easily twisted or bent as per the requirement. So, there is no requirement for breaking or damaging. Also, the cables are designed to ensure better conductivity and are capable of bearing supreme heat. They can tolerate much heavier loads of electricity. They can ensure high temperatures. Their high resistance power and heating quality makes them a reliable component to tolerate overloading issues. So, these cables are safe to use and will not melt easily.

Being one of the best Electrical Wires and Cables, we manufacture products that come with dimensional precision. These wires are corrosion-free, rustproof, light weight, flexible and portable. These qualities make our products robust and much sturdier.

Range of Our Electrical Wires and Cables

● Multi-strand heavy duty cables are Flame retardant grade (FR) & Fire Retardant

● They are Low Smoke PVC insulated wires

● We have PVC Insulated Copper Conductor Cables that are Flexible

● PVC insulated Unsheathed cables twisted copper

Quality Check

Ambica cable is high-rated and the most demanding in the field of wiring industry. To ensure only seamless quality products are delivered, we incorporate multiple quality testing methodologies, including persulphate test for copper, annealing test for copper, tensile test for Aluminium, wrapping test for Aluminium, conductor resistance test for both copper and aluminium wires. Also, the quality analysts conduct tests for thickness of insulation for all types of wires and cables, as well as check measurement of overall diameter.

What else? Ambica cables and wires are manufactured with utmost safety constraints.

For further details about electrical cables & wires, feel free to connect with us at +91-8383908409 or 9811109518. We’re happy to serve you as one of the top Electrical Wires and Cables Manufacturers and Dealers.