RADILITE three core flat SUBMERSIBLE cables

Radilite is one of the popular Submersible Cables Manufacturers in India. We are committed to offering a wide range of Submersible Cable at reasonable prices. The cables supplied by us are ideal for submersible pumps in water systems, wells for drinking water supply, mines, wellsprings, enterprises, and so on. We manufacture cables that have the quality to meet the industry standard. These cables for submersibles are resistant to abrasion, water, moisture, long flex life, grease, and oil.

Further, other striking features of our submersible cables are flexible, reliable, and durable. They maintain the current flow in the series. They are a unique bunch of copper and maintenance-free. These cables ensure excellent electrical conductivity, genuine safe electricity, and can tolerate heavy load-bearing capacity without chances of any short-circuits. All our products meet the international standard because of our world-class manufacturing facilities, Sustained high rates of R&D growth, and Uninterrupted Solution provider. We’re a manufacturer that cares about customers and exists across major regions, brands, and countries.

The PVC Insulated Submersible cables manufactured by us can be used in electrical association with the Submersible Pump Motors. These cables are non-toxic and fire-resistant and are made using brilliant electrolytic grade copper. They are safe to use and are equipped with PVC sheath coating that enables the cable to avoid water from penetrating inside the cable. So, they make cables safe for usage and you will be assured of the best performance when using submersible cables.

Why Choose Us for Submersible Cables

Being one of the Submersible Cables Manufacturers, we know that submersible cables need to perform in many difficult conditions. The area where experts install them is physically very restrictive. The environment in which cables are installed is very hostile. In general, the cables are used to connect the submersible pump motor with the main supply lines. The slot available in the tube well is very narrow. So, we keep the cable shape suitable for such an application.

Keeping all these factors in mind, we make sure our products consist of 99.95% pure and bare copper conductors that allow 100% uninterrupted conductivity. These cables are available in bundles as well as in 100 meters length packaging. We can provide you with submersible cables in different sizes, ranging from 1.0 square millimeters to 25 square millimeters.

Our team of professionals uses quality raw materials and modern technologies to make sure submersible cables have the quality to achieve the highest possible degree of reliability. Moreover, we make and supply bright annealed pure bare copper conductors and specific grade PVC submersible cables. Feel free to contact us if you are searching for one of the best Submersible cables manufacturers.


Conductor - Bare annealed copper as per IS:694/ BS 6360.

Core Insulation - Virgin grade natural PVC (type A,C and D).

Sheath insulation: Skin colour PVC of type ST1 or ST3.

Standard- IS:694 / 2010

Sizes- 1.50 sq.mm. to 25.0 sq.mm.

Cable Code: YY

Packing available in 500 mtr drums and 300 mtr coils.

Colours available: Black & Blue.

Salient features

  • Electrolytic grade copper having pure and maximum conductivity to ensure maximum safety.
  • Bunching of copper in uniform lay and dia., that ensures easy stripping and minimum losses.
  • Cores insulation formulated for high current capacity for customer safety.
  • Indigenously developed PVC compound formulated from finest ingredients designed for higher thermal resistance.
  • Outer sheath of submersible cable is designed to fit closely, maintain flexibility, resist water absorption, abrasions, oil, grease and other environmental effects.
  • indigenously developed PVC compound formulated from finest ingredients giving best heat resistant properties.
  • High tensile strength of PVC for good load capacity.
  • PVC formulated to ensure NO SPREAD OF FIRE.
  • Highly insulation resistance and volume resistivity ensuring no leakage of current.
  • Highly durable cables with oil resistance.

Cross – sectional view of RADILITE three core flat SUBMERSIBLE cables

Technical data sheet for RADILITE three core flat submersible cables:

Conductor area (sq.mm.) No. of strands/size (mm.) Insulation thickness nominal (mm.) Sheath thickness nominal (mm.) Height ‘H’ max. (mm.) Width ‘W’ max. (mm.) Max. DC resistance at 200c (ohm/km) Current carrying capacity (Amps.)
1.5 22/0.3 0.7 1.0 4.8 10.8 13.30 17
2.5 36/0.3 0.8 1.0 5.7 12.9 7.98 24
4.0 56/0.3 0.8 1.2 6.2 14.5 4.95 30
6.0 84/0.3 1.0 1.2 7.2 16.4 3.30 38
10.0 140/0.3 1.1 1.5 9.2 21.5 1.91 52
16.0 126/0.4 1.2 2.0 10.3 24.7 1.21 70
25.0 196/0.4 1.2 2.0 13.1 30.9 0.78 88

Application :

PVC insulated annealed multistrand bare copper conductors, three core flat PVC sheath cables are used for giving electrical connections to submersible pump motors.

H.P. vs Current (full load current for 3 phase, 415 - 425 volts):

Motor power (H.P.) Current (Amps.)
5.0 7.5
7.5 11.0
10.5 14.9
12.5 18.9
15.5 22.5
17.5 25.2
20.0 28.4
25.0 35.6
Motor power (H.P.) Current (Amps.)
30.0 42.3
35.0 50.4
40.0 58.1
45.0 62.1
50.0 67.5
55.0 73.8
60.0 81.0
65.0 87.3