RADILITE two core twisted copper flexible wires

Owning to our consistent efforts for quality and providing the best, we have developed exhaustive range of domestic house wires and cables suitable to Indian home sand varied conditions. Manufactured with best quality of conductor (electrolytic grade copper) and finest grade of indigenously developed PVC compound RADILITE wires and cables give maximum safety at no extra cost.


Conductor - Bare annealed electrolytic grade copper as per IS:694/ BS 6360.

Insulation -Primary: Virgin grade natural PVC (Type A, C and D).

Sheath : White colour PVC of type ST1 and ST3.

Sizes- 14/40, 23/40 and 40/40.

Colours available: Red + Black, Green + Yellow, Red + Yellow.

*Packing is available in 90 mtr..

Salient features

  • Electrolytic grade copper having pure and maximum conductivity to ensure maximum safety.
  • Bunching of copper in uniform lay and dia., that ensures easy stripping and minimum losses.
  • Indigenously developed PVC compound formulated from finest ingredients giving best heat resistant properties.
  • High tensile strength of PVC for good load capacity.
  • PVC formulated to ensure NO SPREAD OF FIRE.
  • Highly insulation resistance and volume resistivity ensuring no leakage of current.
  • Highly durable cables with oil resistance.
  • Double insulation with primary insulation of Virgin grade PVC coated with thin skin colored PVC.

Cross – sectional view of RADILITE two core twisted copper flexible wires

Application :

Two core flat copper wires are widely used in light load connections and electrical appliances due to their flexibility and low-price range, they are useful in low electrical loads.