Industrial Cables Manufacturers

Ambica Cable is one of the recognized industrial cable manufacturers in the market. Working with a team of trained and professional engineers, we strive to manufacture the best quality industrial cables that include medium and low voltage, housing, weather-resistant, and super flexible. These cables are made using top-grade raw materials that are sourced from popular vendors in the market. Our cables are designed with high power strength and compatibility and can be used in major applications of industrial sites.

Being one of India’s leading Industrial Cable Manufacturers, we produce a vast variety of cables and wires, including multicore cables, low voltage cables, high voltage cables, EHV Cables, and so on.

● HT Power Cables: We manufacture and supply a wide range of reliable, safe and non-hazardous HT Power cables that are perfect for carrying current at high voltage. We make these cables at the latest integrated cable facility using high-quality copper and aluminum conductors. Available in the single and multi-core, these cables are known for longer life, higher short circuit rating, and high continuous current rating.

● LT Power Cables: With a host of safety features and durability, our LT power cables are designed for distributing electricity to commercial, residential and individual units. The Low Tension Power Cables are made with high-quality copper and aluminum. In Single core and multi core configurations, these cables provide superior conductivity and are safe, non-hazardous, lead and cadmium-free.

● LT Control Cables: These cables are ideal for applications, such as boards, equipment panels, and distribution boards. They are reliable and feature to ensure durability and safety. The materials used are eco-friendly and non-hazardous.

● Fire Survival Cables: These are high-safety fire survival cables. They are ideal for fire-prone areas. Also called circuit integrity cables, our fire survival cables have the capacity to sustain high temperatures for a defined minimum period of time under direct fire. They are ideal for applications in hazard-prone sites where people and machines are exposed to the threat of fire. These cables are suitable for thermal power plants, airports, metro rail and rail terminals.

All our cables are made under eco-friendly norms and are safe, fire-resistant, fire retardant, lead-free & halogen-free. We make our cables with a high load-bearing capacity so they can resist any type of electrical sparks easily. Also, these cables have high current flow through different sites and applications.

As one of the popular industrial cable manufacturers , we have the ability to manufacture wires in various thicknesses and dimensions to meet applications and customers’ demands. We design our cables using the best materials, which include the coating of these wires with the best rubber that is not easily damaged in any rough weather or conditions.

Salient Features

● High insulation resistance
● High dielectric strength
● Low dielectric constant
● Low dielectric loss at all frequencies
● Excellent resistance to cold flow
● Good abrasion resistance

We make industrial cables using resistive material that can easily fight back flame, abrasion, etc. The team behind the manufacturing cables includes Engineers, Production Managers, Quality Control Supervisors, R & D Personnel, Technicians, Skilled and Semi-Skilled Workers. During the manufacturing process, the team carries out multiple quality tests of cables at different parameters and ensures only the best quality products are delivered to customers.