RADILITE Multi-Strand Single Core House Wires

At Ambica Cable, we supply multi strand cables of grade copper. These cables are designed to provide smooth conductivity and maximum safety. They guarantee easy stripping and minimum losses. The high tensile strength of PVC insulation makes these cables have a good load capacity. We formulate cables with PVC to ensure NO SPREAD OF FIRE. Also, high insulation resistance and volume resistivity ensure no current leakage. Our cables are durable, oil-resistant and are coated with thin skin-colored PVC.

The outer sheath of multistrand cables is made of PVC which enables them to absorb high temperatures and prevent them from heating. Due to the use of conductor (electrolytic grade copper) and the finest grade of indigenously developed PVC compound, and state-of-the-art technologies in our modern manufacturing unit, the multi-strand cables designed by Ambica Cable offer mechanical protection to the wires and cables as well as they give maximum safety at no extra cost.

Our Production Unit

At our production unit, our professionals strive to create a unique array with the help of advanced imported machines. Every product undergoes rigorous quality testing at different parameters under the supervision of qualified engineers. So we are able to deliver only quality products. With 100% quality testing procedures, we supply multicore cables that are known for their tensile strength, hardness and flexibility.

Our engineers direct all our activities to provide excellent quality products as per their gratification and meet the expectations of customers. Also known as double core and Single core cable diagrams, multicore industrial cables are a bundle of different wires to cater to the needs of different power supplies. Being one of the best Multi-Strand Cable Manufacturers , we insulate the multicore industrial cables with rubber, PVC or other materials. They are created with more than one conductor in a single cable. Also, these cables are insulated separately within a single cable.

Uses of Multistrand Industrial Cables

At Ambica Cable, we rest assured that our Multi Strand Cables feature meets the requirements of the industry, has the capability to power heavy machinery. These cables are excellent conductors of electricity, ideal for audio engineering, television studios, and can be used to connect different gadgets like speakers or cameras. Moreover, Multi Strand Cables provide better electricity transmission power.

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Conductor - Bare annealed electrolytic grade copper as per IS:694/ BS 6360.

Insulation - Primary: Virgin grade natural PVC (Type A, C and D).

Secondary: Skin colour PVC of type A, C and D.

Standard- IS:694 / 2010

Sizes- 1.0 sq.mm. to 25.0 sq.mm.

Cable Code: Y

*Packing is available in 90 mtr (standard packing), 45 mtr. & 180 mtr. coils.

Colours available: Red, Yellow, Blue, Black and Green.

Salient features

  • Electrolytic grade copper having pure and maximum conductivity to ensure maximum safety.
  • Bunching of copper in uniform lay and dia., that ensures easy stripping and minimum losses.
  • Indigenously developed PVC compound formulated from finest ingredients giving best heat resistant properties.
  • High tensile strength of PVC for good load capacity.
  • PVC formulated to ensure NO SPREAD OF FIRE.
  • Highly insulation resistance and volume resistivity ensuring no leakage of current.
  • Highly durable cables with oil resistance.
  • Double insulation with primary insulation of Virgin grade PVC coated with thin skin colored PVC.

Cross – sectional view of RADILITE multi-strand house wires

Technical data sheet for RADILITE multi- strand house wires :

Conductor area (sq.mm.) No. of strands/size (mm.) Max. DC resistance at 200 c (ohm/km) Insulation thickness nominal (mm.) Cable dia. (mm.) Current carrying capacity (Amps.)
1.0 14/0.3 19.50 0.70 2.60 13
1.5 22/0.3 13.30 0.70 2.90 17
2.5 36/0.3 7.98 0.80 .60 24
4.0 56/0.3 4.95 0.80 4.10 30
6.0 84/0.3 3.30 1.00 4.80 38
10.0 140/0.3 1.91 1.00 6.10 52
16.0 126/0.4 1.21 1.20 7.10 70
25.0 196/0.4 0.78 1.20 8.70 88

Application :

PVC insulated multi- strand house wires are used for giving electrical connections to domestic wire fittings, machineries and electrical appliance either in industrial or domestic use.