PVC Wires And Cables Manufacturers

Ambica Cable is a prime PVC wire and cables manufacturer that makes, supplies, distributes and exports a wide range of high-performance and premium quality PVC wires and cables. Our PVC cables offer protection against electric shocks, short circuits, and fires. They are properly stranded, solid circular, shaped and compacted. They protect against electric shocks, short circuits and fires. Since these multi core PVC cables come with great thermal, electrical and mechanical properties, they are highly durable and can be used in different areas.

Being one of the best PVC wires and cables manufacturers, Ambica Cable’s wires are and wires are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. Our PVC armored cables are ideal for outdoor wiring as they can tolerate severe external adversities, such as UV light, attacks from rodents, and the scorching sun.

Why PVC Cables and Wires?

PVC cables and wires are safe, long-lasting, and cost-effective. They can be easily modified with plasticizers, stabilizers, lubricants, and many other different ingredients. Also, these cables are easy to recycle and process in the place of common thermoplastic types. Some unique features of PVC cables and wires are:

  • They are tough but highly flexible, with abrasion resistance.
  • They are light in weight but strong, and rustproof.
  • These insulated wires and cables are extremely useful for cable insulation.
  • They are fire-resistant, highly durable, and environment friendly.
  • They are easy to modify and can be used for different tasks.
  • PVC cables are extremely safe and have excellent aging properties.
  • These wires have the capacity to exceed 30 to 35-year service life.

Before PVC cables, rubber insulated wires and cables would be for household wiring. But due to safety, and long service life, PVC cables have replaced it. After all, these cables meet international requirements and are totally non-toxic. Also, the PVC insulated wires designed by Ambica Cable have excellent temperature resistance, dielectric strength, and are more robust. They are chemical and corrosion-free. Also, these wires are not affected by moisture.

PVC Cables Manufacturing Process

The processing and recycling of PVC cables are seamless. Our manufacturing unit is equipped with an extrusion machine - a type of machine to be used to heat the product and propels it through the die for creating the required shape. Experts at Ambica Cable use this machine to create a copper wire. Metal is forced through a series of extrusion dies for the purpose of creating a particular desired shape. The copper is known as ‘Ingot’ (a big brick of pure copper) and is stretched into long strands. Then, copper wires of the desired shape are fed into the extruder machine wherein PVC is coated on the wires to a pre-specified thickness.

As one of the best PVC Wires and Cables Manufacturers, Ambica Cables manufactures PVC wire cables with different conductors, including copper and aluminum. During the manufacturing process, our engineers keep a close watch on the production quality. They carry out several quality checkers to ensure only high-quality cables and wires are manufactured and launched in the market.

Let’s connect to know more about our PVC wires and cables. Ambica Cable is the right place for wholesale dealers, individuals, suppliers and industries that are looking out for the best PVC Wires and Cables Manufacturers.